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College Bible Study

College students, welcome back!  You’re welcome at every worship Service, but most of you will come to our 11:00am Sunday Service at our Student Center since it’s, uh, more compatible with your sleep pattern.  If you prefer an earlier Service, come to our Church (906 E Grant St) at 8:30am. 

Every Wednesday evening we hold a free supper for students at our Student Center at 6:30pm.  Made by our congregational families, these dinners are delicious and delightful opportunities for home-cooked food and new friendships.  All are welcome.  The supper is completely free.  After that you’re welcome to …

Come study the Bible together.  You may have answers for others’ questions.  You may only havIMG_5961e questions.  You may not want to talk at all, and that’s fine. 

Need a ride?  email lutheran@macomb.com and we’ll arrange it.

Supper at 6:30pm and Bible Study at 7:30pm!  



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