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The Christian’s Mission

What’s your mission, your purpose, your identity? Well, you’re a Christian, so it all begins (and ends) with Christ.

Sunday evenings at 7:00pm we have a group discussion at the Burdicks’ parsonage, focused upon “The Christian’s Mission.” June 2-July 28 we meet at 7:00PM at the Burdicks, 1191 Stacy Lane. Each session is an informal discussion of the radio interview we’ll each listen to beforehand. Each interview is about an hour long, but you can shorten it by fast-forwarding through the commercials (note: we’ll be focusing only upon the interviews, not the peripheral points and the commercials).

Join us! You’ve learned something from Luther’s Small Catechism … now learn more about your mission! Contact Pastor Burdick for more information or to let us know you’re planning to participate (309) 255-5580. It’s going to be a great summer study!

Over nine evenings we’ll consider (click the title for the audio link) …

1: Your Mission   (June 2)

2: GET Christ’s Forgiveness in His Word

3: GET Christ’s Forgiveness Through the Sacraments

4: GROW in Knowing Christ (A)

5: GROW in Knowing Christ (B)

6: GLOW with Christ’s Love in Your Calling

7: GLOW with Christ’s Love Through the Church

8: GO Tell the Good News in Your Calling

9: GO Tell the Good News Through the Church   (August 4)