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Welcome, students!

It’s great to have students back!  

Martin Luther was a campus pastor.  It’s true.  Today, Campus Ministry is a crucial part of Immanuel’s ministry in Macomb.  It’s one of our closest missionLCMS-U purple fields … and home to many mission partners.  Students:  we’re here to bring you God’s truth and grace in Jesus.  Word and Sacrament ministry is our chief way to love and help you.  We’re glad to welcome, love, teach, and equip you.   Join us at our Student Center for:

  • 11:00am Sunday Service, with “Cinnamon Time” following
  • 6:30pm Wednesday Supper (free)
  • 7:30pm Wednesday Bible Study (Galatians)
  • fun Lutheran Student Fellowship events
  • service projects

The congregations of the Central Illinois District (LCMS) provide our Student Center and ministry because they believe that you, students, are the future leaders of the Church and world.  College is a powerful time.  Immanuel Lutheran brings you the power of God’s truth and grace in Jesus to keep you in the faith … and to witness to those who don’t believe Him yet.  Welcome!